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Your Voice



Your Voice Online Panel is an online community of members who have signed on to take part in paid market research surveys. These surveys provide members with the opportunity to share their honest opinions and insights on a wide range of products and services. By providing their opinions on such goods and services, they are assisting many companies to change, improve, or introduce new products and services, thus helping consumers from all over to have goods and services that are desirable. Some surveys may provide the opportunity to share your views on current affairs; this information is considered very valuable to a number of companies, advertisers, publishers and media groups, as it gives them a depiction on how such issues affect the community. No matter how little or great your contributions are, you can be sure that you are making a difference and that your voice will always be heard.

As a member of the panel you will not only receive the opportunity to share your opinions, you’ll also gain the opportunity to be rewarded for them. For each survey you take part in you’ll receive point rewards. These rewards can be accrued in your profile account to later be redeemed for gift vouchers, or you can opt to donate those rewards to a charity. Another reward you’ll receive is entries into the Quarterly Prize Draw; this occurs upon sign up to the panel, when you complete a survey, receive a screened out notice, receive a ‘quota full’ message for a survey, or when you update your profile on request. Each entry into the Prize Draw you receive puts you one step closer to winning $5000. So if the idea of earning rewards for your opinions sounds appealing to you, why not join the Your Voice Online Panel today. It takes only minutes to register as a member, and can be achieved by completing the online sign up form.

Members: Minimum Age to Join: 14+ Reward Type: Points earned for each survey, accrued and later redeemable for gift vouchers or donations to charities. Quarterly Prize Draw entries to win $5000, for each survey you take part in.
Competitions or Prize Draws: Quarterly Prize Draw for $5000. Type of Surveys on Offer: Online Surveys Location: Australia
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