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 Green Guide Research Panel


 Your opinions matter. The Green Guide wants to hear them. Weigh in on this month's poll, and then join our new Consumer Research Panel. Join The Green Guide Research Panel and be entered for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from each time you take a survey. Panellists will be notified by email of a new survey (generally once every three months). All surveys are online. No survey should take more than 12 minutes to complete.

The Green Guide and The Green Guide are published by The Green Guide Institute, an independent media service designed to provide news, information and educational material to consumers and others. The mission at The Green Guide Institute is to bring you the most objective, responsible and accurate environmental and health information you will find in print or on the web. Our goal is to ensure that The Green Guide and The Green Guide serve as your most practical, reliable, and trustworthy content source for product choices and daily practices that are better for health and the environment.
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