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 sweet collect UK


 Sweet Collect UK is an exciting new website where you can earn free sweets just for clicking on adverts! You will be credited with a free tube of Smarties just for signing up! All postage is paid by us. You will not pay anything, and have the opportunity to get tons of free sweets!

Every time you visit a website and click on an advert, someone gets paid. Every time you click on an advert and buy something from the advertiser, someone gets some of the transaction value. We decided to make the internet fair, and reward you with sweets! In this way, everyone wins. The advertisers are gaining new customers, you are being rewarded, and we make some money too.

You will also find that because we split our advertisers into categories, you'll find it easier to navigate around the site and find websites you didn't know existed. For example, if you're looking to join a free online lottery site, simply look in the Free Lotteries section.
Rating:  Rewards: Sweets and Lollies Payments: Sweets and Lollies
Referral: Yes Members: UK only Location: United Kingdom
Comments: none

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