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 Soup is for people who like to think and create, get cool free stuff, see the future and win prizes for having good ideas. The heart and soul of Soup is its members. Our aim is to gather the honest and inspired opinions of informed and observant individuals. We are looking for people who are interested in things, events, ideas and other people.

What Does Soup Do?

We send you new products for free and you give us your opinion. We might even ask you to try out a new service but everything we ask you to do or give you is absolutely free. We also have clients who want to see the future so we might ask you to think hard about a few issues. We explore ideas, compile creative input, involve real people in the development process and help companies make the things we actually want to buy, see, share or experience.

What type of projects?

Projects can vary a lot. Mostly, we have clients who want to give their products (for free) to interested people and get their opinion. If you like the product we really want you to tell your friends/family about it and if you don't like it we want you to tell us so we can get the client to make it better. Other types of projects include short online surveys, forum discussions on a topic, or workshops. If you don't get a product for free we either put up a great prize for your participation or we pay you for your time. Remember, everything is optional and we only contact you with relevant projects.

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