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 Opinionate NZ


 Once you’ve registered at Opinionate you’ll start receiving invitations to participate in our paid surveys. Our paid surveys cover a wide range of interesting topics and offer you the perfect opportunity to express your views while earning money.We offer a Cash Payment as a 'thank you' for your participation in our surveys. Payments are made via PayPal, the global leader in online payments. Earn up to $7.00 for each survey you participate in. 

You won’t find any advertising on Opinionate. Nor will we sell your personal data to third parties who send you unwanted emails.

We are a Market Research company. We will send you invitations via email to participate in our surveys. And in return we will will reward you with a cash payment once your account balance reaches $25. Cash payments are paid using PayPal, the global leader in online payments.

Opinionate helps people influence the products, services and environment of the future. Local councils, companies large and small and, of course, the Government, perform research everyday - Opinionate makes it easy and rewarding to take part in this research. More importantly Opinionate allows you to express your views whenever you want to so you can help push things in the direction you want.
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