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Gamers Instinct


Voice your opinion on all types of games, gaming products, services, and innovations in the industry– and be compensated for it. The process is simple: Receive survey invitations. Earn Market Points for each completed survey. Redeem for a $50 USD check.

About Gamers Instinct

Gamers Instinct is devoted to the continual improvement of the gaming industry by bringing together gamers and the companies who need their opinions to thrive. Gamers Instinct's development and approach has been deeply influenced by members of the gaming community, and its objective is to provide you with a real time opportunity to express your opinion on gaming related topics.


Gamers Instinct is powered by GMI's Net-MR software platform. The intention of Gamers Instinct is to build a global community of enthusiasts who buy and play console and/or computer games. GMI invites members of this community to take online surveys on behalf of its clients. GMI serves more than 300 clients in over 40 countries.

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