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River City Research
Australian Flag River City Research is an independent market research service provider whose head office is based at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. Having been in operation since 1988, we are IQCA accredited and undertake research all around Australia, primarily in Queensland. More information on River City Research Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian

Australian Flag Join and be paid CASH for testing new food and drink products sent to your home or at a location near you! Earn Between $50 - $100 per hour of taste testing. When you participate in market research you get the chance to tell companies exactly what you think of their products and help them shape their decisions for new products in the future.  More information on iZatso Here>>>>>
Members: Reward Type: Cash Payments & OtherResearch Type: Taste Testing

Australian Flag Here’s your chance to participate in surveys online or surveys actually conducted in your area. Each time you are invited to participate you will be eligible for prize draws or cash! Rate songs & personalities for radio, TV shows and more. Surveys will concentrate on everything entertainment. More information on X-Rater Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Prize draws or cashMembers: Australian

Australian Flag By sharing your opinions you can directly influence the way companies develop products and councils develop services. Once you’ve registered, you’ll start receiving email invitations to participate in our paid surveys. Our paid surveys cover a wide range of interesting topics and offer you the perfect opportunity to express your views while earning money. More information on Opinionate Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian/Other

That's What I Think
Australian Flag Have you ever wondered how the Television, Radio, Movie and Music industries decide what people want to see and hear? They ask people for their opinions! But have they ever asked for your opinion? Well, now they are! Through, you can express your opinions about what you see on TV and Movie screens and hear on the radio. More information on That's What I Think Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: PointsMembers: Australian

TechSay is devoted to the continual improvement of the IT industry by bringing together IT professionals and decision makers with the companies who need their opinions to thrive.'s development and approach has been deeply influenced by members of the IT and business leader community. Its objective is to provide its panellists with a real time opportunity to express their opinion on IT related topics. More information on TechSay Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: PointsMembers: International

Australian Flag With head offices in Sydney, Australia, and in Auckland, New Zealand, SensoMetrics conducts consumer sensory research throughout Australia and New Zealand, and internationally.  More information on SensoMetrics Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australia & Some International

Australian Flag Participate in online surveys, group forums and mobile polls while earning reward points for every study you complete. Then simply redeem your points for cash or vouchers. Each time you complete a survey you will be rewarded between 5 to 50 points according to the length of the survey. Once you have accumulated 200 points, you can choose to redeem that for $20 by having the funds credited into your bank account. More information on Caféstudy Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Points Redeemable For CashMembers: Australia

Australian Flag Soup is for people who like to think and create, get cool free stuff, see the future and win prizes for having good ideas. The heart and soul of Soup is its members. Our aim is to gather the honest and inspired opinions of informed and observant individuals. We are looking for people who are interested in things, events, ideas and other people. More information on Soup Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: PointsMembers: Australia

Australian Flag Yooster is a word-of-mouth opinion panel is a group of people who like to discuss their views with each other and their friends. Yooster™ members are passionate about various topics and are recognised as opinion leaders in those areas. More information on Yooster Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Free samples Members: Australia Only

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