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Test Spin
 Join now and you'll be eligible to earn up to $600 toward merchandise on Register with Test Spin to test new products, music, videos, websites, and more. We want your opinion and we'll pay you for it - up to $4 for taking a survey and $30 to join a focus group. And the best part is that you never have to leave the comfort of your own computer.
Rating: Rewards: cashMembers: International

Trend Scan
 We carry out online consumer and business research into various topics ranging from music to TV commercials. Make your opinion pay by simply telling companies your honest opinion about their products and services. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we want to hear what you have to say.
Rating: Rewards: ?Members: International

VOC Online
 If you'd enjoy getting your hands on new products and services before they come to market, VOC Online needs you! Be the "first on your block" to try new products and services FREE, before other consumers and businesses even know they exist! We make these products available, not because we want to sell you anything, but because the companies we work with are eager to get your reaction and feedback.
Rating: Rewards: ?Members: International

 As a member of Opinion Survey Panel you will receive invitations to participate in polls and surveys via the e-mail address given to us in the member profile questionnaire. Your answers on the member profile questionnaire lets us know a little about you, so that we can find surveys that fit your interests and lifestyle.
Rating: Rewards: Prize DrawingsMembers: International

Planet Pulse
 Planet Pulse is part of the Pulse Group, a leading Research Process Outsourcing company headquartered in Sydney, with an Operations Hub in Malaysia.

Members who have joined Planet Pulse do so because it is a platform where they get to tell companies what they think and actually get rewarded for it either with cash or gifts. This is an avenue for you to express freely your opinions and you will be happy to know that your comments actually get to the ears of the right group of people in these companies who are eager to hear from you. Cash payment is made through your PayPal account. More information on Planet Pulse Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Points, 100 points=$1.00 USDMembers: International

Zoom Panel
 Zoom Panel is an online survey panel where consumers, like you, can tell companies what you think about their products or services. You will be rewarded for offering your opinions and can earn valuable merchandise and gift certificates of your choice!
Rating: Rewards: Merchandise/ OtherMembers: International

Wellness Interactive
 Join our panel and give honest feedback. Wellness Interactive is a fun and rewarding way to learn, interact and provide input into specific wellness companies, services and brands. Here's your opportunity to share your thoughts on products you already use.
Rating: Rewards: ?Members: International

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