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New! Paid Survey Sites

Last updated 05/06/2012
New paid survey sites and free competitions can be found here, as we find new Paid Survey sites they are added here for a short period of time, so check back as often as you can for any recently added sites.



Your Opinion

Membership is fun, easy and best of all FREE. Becoming a member will also give you the chance to participate in product sampling studies. For each survey that you complete you will receive a reward that can be redeemed through one of our redemption methods, which include cash payments via PayPal, donations to your favourite charity and Mobile Content and Crediting Vouchers. More Details>>

My Survey Australia

My Survey is a consumer panel made up of individuals who have volunteered to participate in market research studies. My Survey is the website where panel members can participate in online research, update their information and redeem their My Survey Points for Cash via PayPal, gifts vouchers and charity donations. More Details>>

Survey Head

Companies around the world are ready to pay you for your personal opinions. Literally MILLIONS of dollars have been paid to people like you for taking online market research surveys. Make a difference...and make some money! In exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward via PayPal. Signup Now and get $5.00 cash FREE in you Surveyhead rewards account.  More Details>>

Your Voice

Join the Your Voice Online Panel today to share your opinions for rewards. Get paid point rewards, redeemable for gift vouchers, for sharing what you think about goods, services and current affairs. Earn entries in Quarterly Prize Draws for $5000 for each survey you take part in. Membership is available online through their panel registration form.  More Details>>


Participate in online surveys, group forums and mobile polls while earning reward points for every study you complete. Then simply redeem your points for cash or vouchers. Each time you complete a survey you will be rewarded between 5 to 50 points according to the length of the survey. Once you have accumulated 200 points, you can choose to redeem that for $20 by having the funds credited into your bank account. More Details>>


Join and be paid CASH for testing new food and drink products sent to your home or at a location near you! Earn Between $50 - $100 per hour of taste testing. When you participate in market research you get the chance to tell companies exactly what you think of their products and help them shape their decisions for new products in the future. More Details>>

Test & Vote (Toluna)

By becoming a member of Test & Vote, you will get the chance to test products and to give your opinion to retailers and manufacturers. Also take surveys to share your view and earn high street vouchers and many other prizes. Who decides which products we see in the shops, which services are offered? We do! Join Test&Vote and have your say to retailers and manufacturers and earn high street vouchers and many other prizes for your time.  More Details>>

Survey Village

Survey Village are seeking Australian residents aged 16 years or older, to participate in Market and Social Research. Membership is quick and easy and only requires you to answer a few short questions about yourself. All studies completed will earn participants rewards. Taking online surveys is quick, easy, and rewarding.  More Details>>

Mommy Talk Surveys

MommytalkSurveys are seeking the assistance of mothers to provide their honest opinions on baby products and services. By simply providing your feedback you’ll earn cash rewards, which can then be redeemed through MommytalkSurveys’ partners. Plus if you join now, MommytalkSurveys will credit your MommytalkSurveys account with $5 just for joining.  More Details>>

Game Play Surveys

GamePlaySurveys are seeking consumer assistance to participate in a range of online surveys pertaining to the use and play of games. For each survey you participate in GamePlaySurveys will reward you with cash sums, which are accrued until payout can be requested. Payouts are available via PayPal or made redeemable through online partners. Your opinions could help to provide basis for new products and services, as well as the improvement of existing ones.  More Details>>


Earn FREE reward points every day. Earn reward points for every survey you complete. Be in the draw to win $5,000! Every survey you complete also gives you an entry into a draw to win $5,000! MyOpinions gives you guaranteed points for every survey you complete. When you have enough points, you can exchange them for REAL CASH! Exchange your points for real cash, sent directly to your PayPal account.  More Details>>


Membership of the panel is available only to Australian residents aged 18 years of age or older. Your opinions on these and other issues are important to us. Your views will help our clients to improve the services and products that they provide to you and to all Australians. MyView is offering to reward you CASH for your time and effort in exchange for finding out your views on a range of topics, products and services.  More Details>>

Palm Research

Join the Palm Research panel and get paid to take surveys and participate in focus groups. Palm Research are currently recruiting survey panel participants from the Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Germany, plus they have great paid survey opportunities for members form all over the world. Take 2 Paid Surveys Everyday! Participate in 2 daily surveys and earn $1 per survey taken. Refer your friends and earn more money. CASH Payments made via PayPal or Check.  More Details>>

Live Tribe

LiveTribe are offering Australians aged 14 years or older the opportunity to participate in online surveys and polls. In return for providing your opinions, you could earn such rewards as points redeemable online for gift vouchers and entries into their regular competitions.  More Details>>

AC Nielsen (Your Voice Panel)

Your Voice panel is an online community that has been designed to provide members with a forum to voice their opinions on current affairs, products and services. Why should you become a Your Voice member and join this online revolution? Membership is free of charge. We reward YOU for the time you spend answering surveys - incentives include, vouchers, games and accessories. Plus, entry in to the quarterly prize valued at $15,999.  More Details>>>

Opinion Matters

Members of Opinion Matters take part in Online Surveys to express their opinion and to receive Cash and Prizes. By doing our surveys you can influence the decisions of major companies and government authorities. All you have do is enter your registration details to start earning today. It is free to join and participate. Every time you complete a survey you will earn points worth between $2 and $10. More Details>>

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a service which rewards YOU for taking part in market research surveys online. By becoming a member, you will be invited to complete surveys for genuine market research purposes. For every survey you correctly complete, we will credit your Valued Opinions account (typically between $2 and $5), and once your balance reaches $20 or more, you can select your reward from a choice of stores. More Details>>

Brand Leaders

Participants will earn reward points for every survey they answer and those points can be cashed in for either instant rewards or use them to enter into prize draws for product or cash. Reward points accumulate – the more surveys you complete, the more points you earn! More Details>>

Australia Survey Panel

Australian companies need your help to create better products. Earn $25 for taking Australian surveys. Make cash or win prizes in the comfort of your own home by merely stating your opinions. More Details >>


Through iDonate, you'll receive special offers, promotions and online surveys in your email. For each response, a cash donation will be made on your behalf towards your preferred iDonate partner charities. More Details >>


Soup is for people who like to think and create, get cool free stuff, see the future and win prizes for having good ideas. The heart and soul of Soup is its members. Our aim is to gather the honest and inspired opinions of informed and observant individuals. We are looking for people who are interested in things, events, ideas and other people. More Details>>


Yooster is a word-of-mouth opinion panel is a group of people who like to discuss their views with each other and their friends. Yooster™ members are passionate about various topics and are recognised as opinion leaders in those areas. More Details>>

Cash 4 Comments

Many high profile companies such as Kraft, Kellogs, Nestle, Holden, Colgate Palmolive,Optus, Qantas and many more pay money for you to tell them your opinion on their current or future planned products and marketing campaigns. There are no right or wrong answers – it’s all about opinions and yours is the one that counts !! More Details>>

All Woman Talk

If you decide to join the All Woman Talk panel, they will contact you regularly by email and ask you to provide your opinions and insights on a variety of topics. Join today, and see if you qualify to become an official All Woman Talk panel member. More Details>>

AustraliaSpeaks helps you say it louder™. We give voice to your opinions. We give volume to your complaints. We give an audience to your ideas. We exist to take your thoughts to those who need to hear them so that they can make the changes you want. AustraliaSpeaks have regular prize giveaways to reward our members. AustraliaSpeaks also pay research group participants by cash. More Details>>


CogNETive is recognised as a leader in applying technology to market research to yield consistently rich and insightful market intelligence. CogNETive's expertise has allowed leading multinational brands in Australia and the Asia Pacific region to quickly adopt and benefit from online market research. More Details>>


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