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 Become a Mystery Shopper and Earn Cash for Shopping

Becoming a mystery shopper is a great way to give your feedback and get paid for your opinions on shops and businesses in your local area. As a mystery shopper you will pose as a customer and report on customer service, employee performance, product quality and the entire shopping experience on businesses in your area. This means you can work close to home and plan your work hours to fit with your lifestyle. Becoming a mystery shopper is much like paid market research, however you give your feedback online over the Internet.

The feedback you give as a mystery or secret shopper is invaluable to businesses. From your report companies can effectively evaluate a customer's shopping or dining experience and in turn improve or reward excellent service. When you become a secret shopper, you get rewarded for your time and reporting skills, sometimes in the form of cash, free products or gift vouchers.

Secret Shopping - A Great Way to Work from Home

When you become a secret shopper you'll earn cash and rewards for opinions and feedback on your shopping or dining experience. puts you in touch with the top 10 companies specialising in mystery shopping assignments. You'll help companies all over Australia maintain and improve their customer and product standards as well as working hours that fit in with your lifestyle and reporting from your own home computer.

Secret Shoppers - Earn Cash Rewards

Secret and mystery shoppers can earn great cash incentives simply for providing companies across Australia with comprehensive information about how their business is running. gives you access to the best of these secret shopping assignments available from reliable and genuine companies looking for an insight into the day to day running of their business.

Become a Mystery Shopper Today

Find out how to become a mystery shopper and select the best secret shopping assignments in Australia.


Top Mystery Shopping Companies in Australia

  • - Mystery Shopper was born out of the belief that there had to be a better way to provide Mystery Shopping services. If you wish to become a mystery shopper, then training is very important to us so you'll be expected to put in some time on our online training system and pass an exam before you start working with clients. It is completely web-based and does not require any equipment beyond your computer, web browser and a connection to the internet.

  • - Retail Mystery Shopping Australia (RMSA) is a proudly Australian-owned and operated provider of mystery shopping and related services. RMSA's executive team has over 45 years of consulting and field experience with high profile companies in the USA and Australia. Their clients list ranges from smaller boutique companies to large prestige brands, as well as working within Australia's top 10 companies.

  • - SpySee are the only Canberra based mystery shopping specialists. Our aim at SpySee is to maximise the potential of businesses. We offer rewards and reviews to businesses and their staff that excel. Our mystery shoppers are paid above average as we feel they are a very important part of our business. We have a personal face to our business, and we run regular mystery shopping information sessions to talk and meet with our shoppers to get their feedback.

  • - GAPbuster Worldwide provides an innovative range of performance measurement and reporting tools to companies interested in improving customer service experiences. Our XEs provide feedback relating to their shopping experiences. This information helps businesses meet performance targets, recognize their successes, pinpoint areas for service improvement and, ultimately, increase productivity and sales.

  • - Since 2000, we have conducted mystery shopping for satisfied clients in the hospitality, retail, leisure centre and club industry. Focusing on mystery shopping allows us to anticipate and effectively manage any potential challenges identified during the mystery visit so you receive timely and valuable information about your businesses employees and customer service standards.

  • - Mystery Shopping is for reliable, honest, hardworking people to earn a bit of extra cash, it is done in an anonymous and unbiased way. All you need is access to a car and an Internet connection (a 56kbps connection should be enough and Internet 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+. You will need to pay for your own Internet connection).
    Complete the registration form with your details and we will contact you to qualify your application.

  • - Spectre is currently recruiting assessors to monitor service delivery in all States. The number of assessments you can carry out depends on the number of available visits in your geographical area. If you would like to be considered, please visit their site.

  • - Become a Mystery Shopper. Get Paid to Shop. Australia's leading companies are looking for shoppers to Mystery Shop their business. Mystery Shopping is an anonymous way for companies to gather information about their business. They can then use the information to improve their customer service, training and overall operation. Our mystery shoppers are independent contractors who go into our client's locations unidentified, posing as a shopper, evaluating specific criteria, completing a questionnaire and leaving feedback, this is then passed on to our client. There is no standard fee as reimbursement will vary depending on the complexity of the evaluation. As an independent contractor, you can always accept or decline an assignment - Get paid to shop now!

  • - Capeesh! is a market research company that specialises in mystery shopping.
    With over 12 years of experience and one of the first companies in Australia to establish mystery shopping effectively on-line. Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Mystery shopping goes by many names: secret shoppers, mystery customers, spotters, anonymous audits, virtual customer, employee evaluations, performance audits, mystery checks.

  • - AQM recognises that our success has resulted in no small way from the people that work with us on the "mystery shopping" projects. Our "shoppers" come from all demographics of the community and generally require no special qualifications or experience. Application only currently available for Australia and New Zealand nationals or permanent residents only.

  • - Shopper Anonymous is an independent mystery shopping group. It provides businesses with constructive feedback on the service they deliver to their customers. Shopper Anonymous has a team of Service Consultants who visit businesses and record the experience from a customer's viewpoint. This concept is traditionally known as 'mystery shopping'. Shopper Anonymous has revitalized this concept with a fresh innovative approach. Not only is feedback of the experience provided, but constructive comments are also offered to help businesses improve their customer service and increase profits.

  • - The researchers that conduct Mystery Shopping are highly trained to behave like normal customers, being neither more troublesome nor particularly easier than a 'normal customer'. Sometimes special Mystery Shopping surveys require specific scenarios to be used to test out the response to difficult situations. Mystery Shoppers are careful not to 'give the game away' and are 'rotated' so that the same Mystery Shopper does not conduct the same assessment with such frequency that they might be recognised in their role.

  • - Do you like shopping and have a good eye for detail? Are you interested in helping to continually improve customer service quality? Then you would make a perfect Service Checker! You need to be over 18 years old, speak and write fluent ENGLISH and have access to the internet. For more information and to register online for free visit our website. We are an international consumer research company, specializing in "Mystery Shopping" within the service sector. Since being founded 1996, INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK has established a worldwide network of several hundred thousand "Service Checkers", making it possible for us to provide our clients with timely and accurate information regarding the quality of service within their company. For projects within AUSTRALIA we are currently looking for Service Checkers, Mystery Shoppers and Test Clients.

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