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Focus Groups - Get Paid for your Opinion

Participating in a focus group is a great way to earn extra cash by sharing your opinions with companies willing to pay for your feedback. At we put you in touch with the best of focus groups around Australia. You'll be part of a small group talking about anything from customer products, customer service to your opinion on new advertising campaigns. From focus groups, companies can identify market openings for new products or how to improve or maintain customer service. A focus group starts out talking about broad level topics and gradually becomes more focused as time goes on.

Attending a focus group usually only takes a couple of hours of your time, but companies are keen to receive your valuable opinions and are willing to pay for them. There's usually a focus group being held in your local area and your honest opinions give companies an insight into the views of their customers and clients.

Focus Group Selection - Paid Jobs in Australia

Focus groups are made up of people who fit a selection criteria nominated by the company conducting the research. There may be six or eight people attending a focus group with a researcher monitoring the discussion. Companies are interested in your honest feedback, so it's important to take part in the discussion and listen closely to the opinions of others. You could have your say on anything from environmental issues, to fashion and packaging. What's more you’ll be compensated for your time and your opinions.

Focus Groups in Australia

It's easy to take part in focus groups and you can conveniently register online. puts you in touch with reliable and genuine market research companies who organise paid focus groups around Australia. Join a focus group for paid jobs and have your say on the products and services you use.


Your Opinion (Focus Groups)
Australian Flag Earn up to $80/hour participating in focus groups at Your Opinion. Join one of the product sample studies to review new products. Participate in a focus group to earn up to $80 an hour! Take surveys and get paid for Your Opinion. And best of all, it's fun and free!

Over 100,000 Australians have joined the Your Opinion community and they are now helping shape the future decisions of major Australian and international organisations. So if you have an opinion, tell them ... and YourOpinion will pay you for it! More information on Your Opinion Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Cash and OthersMembers: Australia Only

AC Nielsen (Your Voice)
Australian Flag Would you like to be involved in our market research focus groups and get paid?

The Your Voice Online Panel is a website that allows you to regularly complete online surveys and get rewarded for your time. To allow us to send you surveys which suit you and your lifestyle, we require that you register your details.

Each time you complete a survey you earn e-points, the amount of which depends roughly on the amount of time we expect that survey to take to complete, and which will be clearly stated in the email invitation. More information on the AC Nielsen (Your Voice) Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Prize DrawingsMembers: Australian

Q&A Research
Australian Flag We are now inviting registration for our focus group and on-line research panels. Visit our Registration Page to apply now. (We pay Cash for your opinions !) More information on Q&A Research Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian

Read RS
Australian Flag As a Melbourne based market research recruitment agency, RRS can recruit people just like you to attend focus group discussions and one-on-one interviews. As an incentive to attend and a thank-you for your contribution, you will receive a payment, which is rarely below $40 and can be more. Refreshments are provided to welcome you. More information on Read RS Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Cash and Prize DrawingsMembers: Australian 

Taylor Research
Australian Flag Taylor Research Services was established in Sydney in 1971 as an independent field services company specialising in data collection and qualitative group recruitment. Now with its Sydney head office and established branches in Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland, Taylor Research is able to offer extensive coverage both regionally and nationally in Australia and New Zealand.

There are many techniques that a researcher may use to gather your opinions and experiences. You may be invited to participate in focus group discussions with other people (typically 4-8); you may be interviewed in person, or on the telephone; be asked to complete a paper questionnaire or an online survey; trial an existing or new product; watch a television pilot or preview a movie.

Although online surveys are on the increase most qualitative market research (focus groups and in-depth interviews) is still conducted on a face to face basis at a selected venue to which you will need to travel. Venues are generally chosen for the convenience of the majority of participants.More information on Taylor Research Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: Cash and Prize DrawingsMembers: Australia/NZ

Field Force
Australian Flag Field Force is a Market Research company that conducts surveys on a variety of topics and we may be commissioned by many companies to research their goods or services. They implement Web Surveys, Interviews and Focus Group projects throughout Australia. More information on Field Force Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian 

K B Research
Australian Flag K B Research are looking for everyday people and business owners to take part in Focus Groups and taste testings thought Australia.  Focus Groups are an informal chat about certain products or services available and our clients want people from every walk of life to take part and give their opinion on what they see.  Remember there are no right or wrong answers when your take part, your opinion is all that matters.  Payment is upwards of $50 and you are paid on the day of the research.  Please register your details at More information on K B Research Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian 

Alta Research/Mr Groups
Australian Flag Market Research Focus Groups : are a way for companies to gain feedback from the community about current or future products / services. Groups are run in an informal setting, usually in the city, they go for about 1.5 hours and people are paid cash for attending (normally somewhere between $50 and $80 dollars). Groups may involve observation techniques, such as viewing or recording. More information on Alta Research/Mr Groups Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian

Analyze Recruitment
Australian Flag Analyze Recruitment are searching for all walks of life, from working professionals, to kids and grandparents to participate in market research groups. Groups usually consist of eight people who come along to have a look at and discuss new advertising, new packaging or new products. More information on Analyze Recruitment Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian

Patterson Market Research
Australian Flag Would you like to be involved in our market research focus groups and get paid?

A focus group involves sitting down with 8-10 people and talking about a particular subject eg Environmental Issues, Housing, Fashion, Packaging etc to mention a few, and giving feedback and opinions. You don’t need to be an expert! All details you provide will be kept confidential and will only be used for research purposes. More information on Patterson Market Research Here>>>>>
Rating: Rewards: CashMembers: Australian 


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