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Paid Survey articles


How To Make Money Online Taking Paid Surveys From Home

by Rob Johnson

Many people find that taking surveys from the comfort of their home is a great way to supplement their income. If you want to know how to make money online taking surveys, you will need to use the following 10 steps to successfully make money from surveys.

  1. Establish a separate email account. The first thing that you should do when you want to make money from home completing surveys is establish a separate email address just for that purpose. This serves as a way for you to track your survey invitations and will keep your personal inbox clear of clutter. Survey opportunities may come as little as once a month, or you may find that you receive many offers in a single day. Having a way to access these survey invitations without having to sort through any other email is a priority.

  2. Join multiple companies. If you are serious about making money from home with surveys, you must be willing to join several programs. You will not see your earnings accumulate fast by joining just one company. When you are a member of several companies at once you increase your chances of being selected for a survey, which increases your income. Make sure that you keep a list of passwords and sites that you belong to so that you can cash out when necessary.

  3. Make sure you respond to the new account email. One of the largest reasons that people do not make a lot of money online completing surveys is because they simply forget to respond to the new account email. Most companies will send you an email once you establish an account to verify your email address. Nearly 70% of all people fail to respond to this email and their survey accounts are never activated. Without this activation you will never receive any invitations to participate in a survey. Make sure you check your SPAM and trash folders to make sure that you did not miss an invitation.

  4. Add your survey companies to your accepted email lists. The last thing that you want to do is miss out on a high paying survey because it was sent to SPAM and deleted. Take a few moments and add your survey companies to your inbox.

  5. Go to the main site and complete your profile. Survey companies need to fill specific demographics for each survey that they issue. The company requesting the survey may need people from a specific area, of a specific age group, or people of a specific sex. The survey companies will first send out surveys to people in their database that match the criteria from their demographics. Once these surveys have been sent and responded to they will send out a general survey request to fill their quota. If your demographics are filled out on the site you will receive more invitations than if you just wait for general surveys are issued and hope you qualify to participate.

  6. Keep your profile updated. You want to make sure that your profile remains updated so that you continue to receive correctly targeted surveys. If you have any type of change in your personal life such as change in marital status, income, residence or even your birthday passes, make sure you update your profiles.

  7. Visit the main site at least once a week. Many of the survey companies will reward their participants with special bonuses just from visiting the main website. These bonuses may include being entered into a drawing, a paid survey that is only available on the site, or discounts from some of their sponsoring companies. If you make it a habit to check your accounts at least once a week you will also be able to track your earnings much easier and never miss a payout date.

  8. Respond to invitations quickly. When you receive an email invitation to participate in a survey do not delay responding. Time is always of the essence when it comes to market research and many surveys close quickly. To earn the most from online surveys you need to respond quickly to any invites you receive.

  9. Remain honest. Do not simply go down the survey and check off the same box in each line. Survey companies rely on your honesty to keep these programs going. If corporations find that they are not receiving accurate information they will find another way to interview the public.

  10. Take advantage of the referral link. Almost every survey company will provide you with a referral link that you can pass along to your family and mates. When someone joins the survey company under your link you will receive a percentage of their earnings. This is a great way to enhance your earnings with little effort. Some programs will even pay a smaller percentage on second-tier referrals, increasing your income even more.


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