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Paid Survey articles


Easy Ways To Make Money (Paid Surveys)

by Rob Johnson

You have heard there are easy ways to make money on the Internet, but if you are like most people, are quite sceptical about these claims. Easy money claims usually result in a person being scammed out of their money. However, completing online surveys for cash is not only easy to do, there are no strings attached.

When you join a survey company you will never be asked for money to join. There are no purchases required to become a member and there are no membership fees or monthly dues. When you join an online survey panel site you will never have to invest a dime, disclose your credit or bank information or be required to sell a product.

Online surveys are truly the only way to make money on the Internet without investment and without risk. You can determine how much you wish to work and how much you wish to make.

Why Would Someone Pay Me With No Strings Attached?

Survey companies provide a service to businesses large and small, government agencies and other public entities. They gather relevant information about a product, service or point of view and give the results to the ordering company. The company that requested the survey then reviews the information and uses it accordingly.

Since this information is so relevant to development, companies are willing to pay a considerable sum of money to gather honest opinions from the public. They develop the surveys and pay marketing companies to distribute them to a specific demographic of people. The marketing companies are instructed to provide compensation for this information, which enables anyone to make money for giving their opinion.

How Does Payment For Completing Surveys Work?

Marketing companies pay for your time in completing surveys in three ways:

  • Cash
  • Points
  • Sweepstakes Entries

Some companies will pay you cash for each survey that you complete. Each survey will state the amount of time it will take to complete and the amount that you will be paid for completing it prior to you accepting the survey. Survey companies will start an account for you on their site and your money will roll into that account until you accumulate enough for a cash-out. Most companies prefer to pay using PayPal so that the transaction can be conducted without the cost of printing a cheque. You will have to determine the payout policies and methods with each company when you sign on.

Points are accumulated in much the same way. Points are awarded instead of cash, and the points can be redeemed for gift cards, cash deposits or merchandise. When you sign up with a company that pays in points you should verify if there are expiration dates on the points, and if you will like the types of gift cards or merchandise they offer.

A new trend that has not gained much popularity in survey companies is the sweepstakes awards. Companies will “pay” you a specific amount for entries into a sweepstakes each week for each survey you complete. Your earnings rely totally on your luck.

What Does It Take To Get Started

If you are ready to start earning some fast cash online, you have everything you need right now. All you have to do is register, follow up with the welcome email and complete your profile. You will immediately begin to receive surveys for money to complete.


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