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Mystery Shopping - Get Paid for Shopping


Mystery shopping is not as mysterious as it sounds, and more and more companies rely on mystery or secret shoppers reporting on their business to enhance and improve their products and service. Mystery shopping gives businesses in your area an insight into their performance on a number of levels, including customer service, employee performance and product quality. From research compiled by mystery shoppers these companies are able to enhance the shopping experience for all their customers and it's an important way to have your say on the companies in your area.

It's not hard to become involved with mystery shopping. All you need is access to a computer and the Internet. In most cases experience is not required and many companies will provide training in mystery shopping and teach you how to become a mystery shopper. If you have a keen eye for detail, a good memory and reporting skills, you can become a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping assignments are available throughout Australia and businesses are willing to pay for your valuable feedback.

Secret Shopping - Businesses Improve Service & Products

Many companies rely on the feedback and the information they receive from mystery shopping assignments. This information is so valuable that you find companies are willing to compensate you for your time and opinions whether itís with cash incentives, gift vouchers or free products. is a website designed to put you in touch with the top companies specialising in mystery shopping assignments. Youíll help companies all over Australia maintain and improve their customer and product standards.

Secret Shopping - Flexible Hours & Incentives

Mystery shopping means working from home, hours that fit in with your life style. You simply pose anonymously as a customer and report on your shopping or dining experience and get paid for your efforts. Shop at your favourite stores and dine at the best restaurants - your opinions matter to companies. gives you access to the best of these secret shopping assignments available from reliable and genuine companies looking for an insight into the day to day running of their businesses.

How to become a Mystery Shopper?


Click here to find out more about becoming a Mystery shopper in Australia. Or start by browsing the free listings below, which comprise of some of the  top mystery shopping companies in Australia, and you'll be sure to find the best mystery shopping assignments in your area.

Mystery Shopping Companies in Australia

  • Australian Quality Monitoring - Application only currently available for Australia and New Zealand nationals or permanent residents. AQM provides a range of services designed to assist quality and business improvement initiatives.

  • Armore - Armore Service Development is an Australian company based in Sydney and established by Jodie White in 1994. The Company has grown since then to become the sales, service training and market research (mystery shopping) consultancy of choice for many of Australia's most prestigious and successful organisations.

  • Capeesh - Capeesh! is a market research company that specialises in mystery shopping.
    With over 12 years of experience and one of the first companys in Australia to establish mystery shopping effectively on-line
    Capeesh! operation covers the whole of Australia and New Zealand.

  • - GAPbuster Worldwide provides an innovative range of performance measurement and reporting tools to companies interested in improving customer service experiences. Our XEs provide feedback relating to their shopping experiences. This information helps businesses meet performance targets, recognize their successes, pinpoint areas for service improvement and, ultimately, increase productivity and sales.

  • Get Paid To Shop - Become a Shadow Shopper and Get Paid to Shop ! Shadow Shopping is the fun way to get paid to do things you love ! Do you like shopping? Eating out? Going to movies? Yes? Well, why not get paid for it ? We are looking for shadow shoppers (mystery shoppers) to evaluate customer service for our clients. We want real consumers, just like you!

  • Market Pulse - Become a Mystery Shopper and take advantage of this flexible, casual, fun job - perfect for those who love to shop, set your own hours and earn some extra cash!

  • - Our Mystery Shoppers go to shops, restaurants, etc. posing as ordinary customers. Our shoppers are trained to assess product quality and presentation, customer service, selling skills and product knowledge among other things

  • Shop'n Chek - Shop'n Chek, founded in 1972, is a privately owned, financially secure company. For more than 30 years, Shop'n Chek has been the leading supplier of mystery shopping services.

  • The Secret Shopper - From our base on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, The Secret Shopper has a low cost mystery shopping service for most types of small, medium and large business. We emphasise that no two companies are ever the same in their requirements.



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